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we will customize our services to better serve your business needs.


GEARING SOLUTIONS provides a systematic approach to your Drive Train Mechanics. It is called the GS Gear System and it delivers Maximum force in Minimum Space plus field tested designs. Gearing Solutions provides Precision Chain/Gear Solutions to cure your unique motion and power drive challenges. 


INDIGO NEW MEDIA provides knowledge transfer and communication services via webcasting and streaming media. View samples of their creative work and learn more about their knowledge libraries and consulting services.


LAKEWOOD CONTROLS, Inc. is a full factory automation and services company, providing engineering, systems integration, manufacturing, and field service. 


PANTEK Inc. delivers comprehensive IT services to companies who utilize Open Source technologies. Founded in 1995, Pantek's vision is to provide comprehensive IT services to companies who utilize Open Source technologies. Pantek's clients value the Open Source partnership and seamless extension of their IT staff.


The University of Akron's Timken Engineered Surface Lab (TESL) solves complex friction, wear, and corrosion problems for government and industry through fundamental science and technological innovations in tribology, lubrication, surface engineering, and materials science.


VALTRONIC  provides its customers with complete solutions ranging from product design & development to industrialization and manufacturing services.  Valtronic combines its electronic and mechanical expertise to help its partners create the medical devices for tomorrow's patients.






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